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Published: 20th April 2011
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SMS Short codes have started playing a vital role in the most traditional media—Print, Outdoor, TV & even Radio. As the ads in these media channels will include a Call to Action to have consumers send a text message to a SMS short code for sending there enquiry or request for information; marketers/advertisers are increasingly using our services in most of their ad campaigns.

Short codes are designed to be shorter and more memorable than a standard telephone number. They also reply back to the consumer with your message or content within a matter of seconds.

Short messaging service (SMS) is the technical name for a variety of common cellphone functions, most notably text-messaging. SMS short code is a special type of SMS message that typically tells a remote system to perform a certain action. These codes are often used as part of a voting, subscription or other automated service and basically involve any circumstance when a person needs to activate a non-human system. An SMS short code is not always covered by the same plan as standard text messaging and may require additional fees per use.

Short codes are used for buying content, interacting with a help menu, voting on TV programmers, listening to mobile radio, and a host of other services. Telecom operators, VAS service providers and TV channels use Short Codes for generating revenue.

Features of short code service provider:

1)56263 integrated with all telecom operators in India.

2) A free auto-response message for all incoming messages.

3) Unlimited sub keywords.

4) Get dedicated short codes and create unlimited Keywords using an easy to use control panel.

5) Complete reporting available online.

6)24x7 technical support.

7)99% uptime & uninterrupted service experience

8) Integrate shortcode with applications through our APIs.

9) Customized Services can be developed and managed for customer interaction.

10) Tracking and reporting of each enquiry sent by end user

Purpose of using short codes service.

11) Lead generation via displaying SMS short code in all their ad campaigns.

Consumers can fetch Information-on-Demand by sending a text message.

12) Integrate services with their existing application.

13) Short code service for the companies who wish to have their own SMS short code.

14) City-based or Pin code-based Dealer/Store Locators by sending a single text message.

15) SMS Based Contest, opinion poll, voting, games, quiz or trivia.

Advantages and disadvantages:


• Short numbers mean that people can remember the number more easily, what is an advantage when the number is displayed for just a few seconds.

• High revenue-share / payouts in some cases.


• Short-term, non-exclusive: the short code is shared among different companies.

• Limited to national borders.

• Expensive to setup.

• Premium charges to consumers.

• History of scandals.

These kinds of promotional strategies are rapidly increasing in importance and having very well liked owing to the belief that they can guide marketing experts and also corporations to gain a larger quantity of clients along with earn far more income.

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